A Man's Quest


A super-traditional 2D platformer


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A Man's Quest is an indie platformer with 8-bit graphics where you play a young man on an epic (though kind of short) adventure in which he has to take revenge on another boy who doesn't let him play on his tree.

The gameplay is really simple: you can move the character with the cursors, jump with the up arrow, and talk with the spacebar. That's it. Two elements give the gameplay a little bit more depth: the longer you keep the jump button pressed, the further you jump; you can also pick up gloves near the beginning that let you grab ledges.

The game lasts little over 45 minutes, and you can play on different types of scenarios, like woods, cemeteries, and dungeons, where you have to do complicated jumps and dodge spikes that can kill your hero at a touch.

A Man's Quest is a game with retro-style graphics and gameplay. It may seem a little short, but it's still really fun. Although the story doesn't seem much of anything in the beginning, it's actually pretty interesting.
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